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Chris Keith is a master of his craft. His workouts are challenging and he has a vast knowledge of fitness, nutrition and mechanics of the human body. His positive attitude is always uplifting and he knows just what to say to keep my head in the game. I lost 19 pounds in my first 6 weeks, 26

Mike Brisieno, the manager of NY Fitness, told me "I don't run my gym on principles", when I cancelled my FOUR unused memberships at the Elizabethtown club after paying for an entire year. (I was injured and then had a cancer scare--no one from the club checked in with me, either) He charged

The owner and management of this gym are horrible. They have a habit of just kicking their members out for no solid reason. I was kicked out after 12 years due to a "suspicion" of soliciting their clients and bad mouthing the club. They didn't even want to hear from ME they just kicked me out.

I 1st joined PTI in Guilford! CT a year ago, and they have been nothing short of a life saver! From being totally sedentary and anti-exercise, I now work out 3x/week with one of their trainers, and 3x/week cardio on my own. I've lost 24 lbs., 7" off my hips, 6" off my waist and dropped 3 pant

They have this great system where you can pay a lower monthly fee to keep your account active. The problem is when you try to use it you can't get the person you need to talk to on the phone. They will what ever they can to keep you paying your full monthly fees.

Good place to train. Lots of classes and is kid friendly. Around 30 pieces of cardio with flat screen tv's. Lots of free and selectorized weight. I love it.

Billed as the second oldest athletic club in the nation the New Orleans Athletic Club is full of history. Three stories with lots of equipment, pool, basketball court, boxing ring, raquetball court, indoor track and classes included. This is a place where I won't get board. If I don't feel

If you have a busy schedule and you just want to stay healthy and get in shape, then this place is for you. Always open, easy parking by the door, and fast check in procedure makes for an effcient workout. It is hard enough to find time to get to the gym, you don't want to waste time finding

Local clubs are great, you know everyone and there are no strangers comming in from other clubs like with the big national chains. It just feels safer. The owner seems to work hard to buy all his supplies from local businesses. He actually runs the place so he is there everyday and does

This place is horrible. Their staff is rude, and incredibly unprofessional. When a problem with billing came up, They yelled at me on the phone, then hung up - and I don't even have a contract there, I was calling for an elderly couple who now live out of state. When I asked for contact

I signed up during the Fall Fitness Sale and got free group exercise classes with my pre-paid membership - awesome! Love the flexibility of 24/7 access with my hectic lifestyle. Excellent equipment selection and maintenance. Staff are outgoing and courteous and take the time to demonstrate

Having been a member here since it opened, I can honestly say that this fitness club only continues to improve. Open 24/7, affordable, lots of machines, friendly staff and a local business. All money spent here, stays here. And now there are fitness classes as well. I have been recommending

Clean facilities, exceptionally friendly and helpful staff, open 24/7, 365 days a year, 18 and over only (huge selling point), and FM broadcast throughout the club so I can pick up the national news or my favorite show on my iPod while I work out. AFP, as its members call it for short, absolutely

I bought a groupon for this local small business and the gals were great. I decided to stay on and work out with them and have never been in the shape that i am in right now! I never write reviews, but am so happy with their results, i had to! give them a try...

Fit revs members and staff make you feel like family and help you get fit! This club changed my life and for that I will be forever thankful.

I was surprised to see the size of the fitness center it looks small from the road. Greeted by one of the owners, no pressure sales approach was nice. Great Cardio and they still have a big free weight section too. Place was overall very clean. I think I will be joining for sure lots of real

Zumba classes Rock!

I paid him $500 for A LOT of sessions as he said he was going to 'up' the prices. I was unable to use those sessions I bought because he had problems with the gym he 'rented' from and took it out on us clients by completely stopping the bootcamp without notice (we found out as we were waiting

YES! I absolutely agree that Fitness For Her is customer oriented. I joined a month ago and it's been the best investment I ever made! Bonnie is awesome and is in great shape, so she is a role model for me. The facilities are clean and well maintained, the staff are always friendly and willing

Location, price, facilities, staff and Bonnie make Fitness For Her the best investment I've made for my health!!

I had to write about the positive experience I had with Fittrax. I had an old treadmill I purchased from Sears years ago and it never worked right. A freind told me she had just had Fittrax come to her house to fix her treadmill and was happy with them. I called them and they sent a guy over

I have been with the Energy trainers for many years. I always had a focus on fitness but lacked consistency in my efforts. Energy changed that. Within the first month at Energy I experienced the kind of positive difference that said, I am doing good things for my body. The trainers are skilled

I am a regular client of Curves and love it. The owner and employees are not only professional but very helpful. It's a fun place to workout, only takes 30 minutes. You will get results in many areas from losing weight, inches and building good cardio. I would heartily recommend it to any woman.

HPF provides customized personal training programs to fit each unique individual. I agree, they have the best personal trainers in Houston!

Love the attention and dedication to my development and their overall commitment to my goals. Privacy and location make for a world class facility. There is no other gym I have been to that is like it. I have been to a lot.

The best place in town to get your workout done. Good folks to be around.

I have been there since the gym opened. Seen some very nice changes, but still need work in the dumbbell area. They only go up to 125lbs. need a little more.

Dahn Yoga Center at 14th & G has great positive energy. I was looking for a group that would force me to change and become more healthy, and Dahn has. I've lost weight, I'm more flexible, I have more energy, and more focus. You have to actually come to class to benefit, of course, but the Dahn

Justa great place to work out talk and enjoy!

The indoor swimming pool is heated and open year round. Swimming lanes are set aside so you can do your laps in peace. Unfortunately too many scheduled classes restrict public pool hours to relatively inconvenient times.

Been going to this gym for about 6 years, I love the gym but the employees are lazy. They got 5 people standing at the front desk talking about nothing while there is weights all over the place that need to be picked up. You can see the same water bottle on the floor for days befor it gets

This place is amazing. Hugh walls, always lots of new routes, bouldering, top-ropes and great leading. Best climbing, friendly staff

I recently visited Body Language Plus, in Warwick Located at 1160 Post Rd. My situation was this Apallo fitness center closed it's doors, leaving many unhappy clients nowhere to workout. The owner of Body Language Plus, Anthony Moretti was nice enough to let me and the rest of the Apallo members

We chose to join this gym because of the gyms' hours. We were given a code to enter the gym anytime we want to work out. 24/7 - 365! Other gyms had hours that we had to work around. Both of us work all day and have dinner/kid activities in the evening and liked the fact that we can work out

This is such a great place for the whole family. I love Sassy Salsa on Thursdays. I highly recommend joining.

You have to show up an hour or more to get in a spot in most of the classes. The machines are either taken or broken. If you work 8-5 most of the classes are at impractical times. You can not get out of the contract! Even when it expires- after two years- it is very hard to cancel.

The price that Equinox quotes is absurd (usually $160/mo.), especially considering the price in other cities. Furthermore, if you use this gym, you're can't apply for local membership discounts since it's a flagship location. That said, the facilities are very nice, and very clean. Given the

I've worked out at a lot of gyms and I have to say Defined Fitness Center ranks up there. I don't know about their other three locations, but the Defined at Juan Tabo and Candlaria is huge. They have every piece of cardio and weight training equipment you can imagine and plenty of them. I've

The biggest issue I have with this gym is their contract. I am in the military and was forced to move across the country. Two of those months I was in a place where I could not make any phone calls. Before I left, I asked an employee to cancel my contract because I was leaving the Charlotte

I've been with the YMCA for many years, unfortunately I was not impressed with the one in fargo. The place was extremely humid and made it very difficult to work out. I would run out of breath 10 minutes into a work out, the air was just too thick. I gave it a few weeks, and I am an inshape

Ohio Health is a great place to work out. No meat heads here, just people of all ages and abilities who want to work out. The staff is very helpful.

Check out the website at Come to Curves and get fit and toned!

I've only been once with my boyfriend so far for a jujitsu class and it was tremendous. I'd highly reccomend it.

It's a boxing gym for Christ's a boxing gym just to go in there and work out, train, and beat people up. Not a yuppy gym. It's a gym with an abundance of equipment, great facility, great owner. Trainers are great. Lisa is the best. She also does boxing and personal fitness.

The facility off State Street is an older building, but has all the equipment one needs for fitness training - including an indoor walking track, swimming pool, spa, and half-court basketball court. Membership includes a number of older men and women (60s and 70s) that are truly inspirational

I love this place! They have excelent trainers and when you walk in the door people act almost like they have known you for years.(very friendly). They have very good trainers that help you slowly get stronger. They even have a child care so you can excersise!

Great customer service, good results on the laser hair removal.

Staff are nice and it has good clean equipment. I wish there were more classes (especially later at night) as they usually stop at 6.30pm and more variety of classes. It would be nice if they had more tv's and program them to better channels such as MTV not just sport and news (it does not

Terrible! Don't work out here. The owner doesn't care about members and has canceled the daycare service with only a 2 wk notice. Won't let moms out of their contracts.

Grreat place for the downtrodden. Great place to workout, and great people. What more can I say? They even have a decent restaurant inside that has many healthy alternatives as well as some of the bad stuff if you feel like cheating after your workout.